Electricity to a Jack-o-Lantern

Electricity to a Jack-o-Lantern

I have a silver spoon

and it lays upon the grass;

I’ve covered it with pumpkin guts,

and now it looks of brass.


The gourd that I have hollowed

has become a mild cadaver:

be it a pumpkin or a corpse,

now one might say the latter.


The skin that once was fresh

now has seen a shining blade,

and pictures make a tattooed mask

bearing faces of dismay.


But the body will not see

itself inside a coffโ€™n of wicker;

no, no, inside its shell tonight

will rest a dancing flicker.


The candle that I light

up with a match and set within

the body of the deadened gourd,

protected from the wind,


will illuminate the shapes

that I have carved upon the side,

and passers-by will marvel

at the pumpkin I made die.


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